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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Left overs

I haven't updated my blog for like ages.... I forgot to post some of Nicole's cutie pictures I took of her during our Leader's Outing.. Here're 2 of the photos!

You must be wondering what made her smile like tat? Cookies? Sweets? Noooo.... It's Auntie Jerb!!! (Ya, it's Auntie Jerb who told dear Nicole to show her teeth...) This cutsy baby girl is going to walk down the aisle for the 1st time next May.... as my little flower girl! So if you do see her, try to ask her to walk in a long straight line!



Anne Rice's Christ The Lord

Listening To:
Local artiste Olivia's Fall in Love with Olivia... Nice light-hearted melodies. She sings in Eng, Chi & Jap in this CD!

Highly recommended!

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