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Saturday, September 22, 2007

E99 @ Waraku & W351 @ Home sweet home!

Just came back from a fun fellowship CG at Waraku Restaurant. Quite different... But fun! We practised what we learned about being encouragers by playing a 1-week Angel & Mortal.

The best part was that we had SEVEN friends! I hope they enjoyed themselves (esp for those 6 who... ahem unintentionally got FOC meals....). Richard... u r so amazingly changed. Thanks for sharing the burden with me! U R realli such a blessing!

We exchanged our gifts and cards (they had to write 3 encouraging things about their mortals) and they had to say aloud 1 good thing about their mortal. Even though I was not in the game, a group of them bought me a cool pair of earrings & a really cute card! Thank you Jon, Bronson, Richard & Ting!

The sweetest thing was when everyone said 1 nice thing about me! REALLI So PAISEH... But... to my E99.... U are ALL very dear to my heart... I pray this CG will be spiritual, united, loving... that it will be so easy for new friends to get integrated! Continue to love God & love people fervently guys & gals!

I can't wait for tml with W351... E99 is fun and cool... but W351 is v v v heart warming... I will update you more about the pot bless & BBQ cg we are going to have tml! (I will try to remember to take photos! Today I brought my new digi cam but i have not developed the habit of snapping away!)... But before that I got to chiong to get a couple of presents for some people... God bless my pockets...

Here are the photos! (uploaded on 30/9)

Joel & Clement... The best friends who are BBQ ICs.

Chef Dennis... He cooked up Peanut Butter sandwich french toast, topped with maple syrup!

Guess who's 1st @ the lunch table??

Us tucking in...Yums!

Jean & me

Louisa & me

Louisa, Jean, Serene, Tash and Yiuloong will be transfering to N317. Hey guys, keep on keeping on!!! From glory to glory!

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