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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Shopping with a vengence...!


Look @ the patriotic households!

Wanted to go jogging with my CG today @ 9am! And Richard v lihai. Asked him to chio, and he chioed a TEAM of about 10 members to go jogging at such an hour on such a public hol! BUT GOD... turned on the tap of Hven.... and it rained at 7+am! I received beeping smses early morning whether the jog is still going to be on.... Man, it was such a HARD decision... So HARD to say "NO IT"S CANCELLED>>> WE HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO CONTINUE SLEEPING..."

@ 1130am, it still looked kind of gloomy....

But we 3 gals @ home are getting ready..... ready to shop.... with a vengence!!!

(Crazy) Woman in Black

And she's carrying the bag that she bought from City Plaza to sell during her retail stint @ TP. It was one of those UNsellable items. It costs $11 and she was selling it for $21.90...

Daniel and Jas were blessed today.... We decided to give them $120 each to buy ANYTHING they want. They were over the moon!

Anyway we shopped officially (after lunch) from 215-830pm NON-STOP.... Until Dan BEGGED us to stop. He was encouraging us to shop @ shoe shops. So he can sit down and wait....

So we began hunting for food after the shopping.... we decided to go to Ichi-Ban @ Wisma, 3rd floor.

Here's one of the avid shoppers...

Can u see her follower? Let's take a look close up...

Man.... Uncountable no. of bags!!!

OKOK.... Dan got a little distracted at Topman.... But soon, we reached our dinner place! Famished!

Jas's order. So plain? So little? So un-Jasminelike! Nono.... let's wait

1 by 1... 4 plates with 2 sushi sitting on each plate...

Plus a BIG FAT fried potato!!! O man! Jas! It's carbo all the way!!! *faint!

She claimed she was helping us to save $$ by ordering all the cheap cheap stuffs.... till we calculated for her:

Udon .................. $4.90
Sushi .................. 4*$1.90
Potato ................ $1.90
TOTAL ............. $14.40

She herself got a shock... We think her Maths fail....

After dinner and after abit more shopping, we rushed to take the MRT back at 10pm. Didn't want to meet the patriotic NDP crowd! And here are some pics Jas took on the MRT (If u look at the 1st pic, the bkground, can u see there's an NSman? He's the main actor in I Not Stupid... I think he put on weight... Heehee)

Finally, the mad photographer herself... presenting Jaboon Lim!

On the way home....

Jared is always very amazed at how utilized the space in Tampines is... And we always guess what the stall in the interchange will be selling... cos the space there had put up stalls selling bags, food, fruits, books and lingerie (!!) before! Let's see what it's selling tonight....

Looking at the relatively higher quality setup of these stalls, I think it's food for good....

Finally it's home sweet home... and here's my 'loot' for the day! I really really believe in retail therapy! Shopping makes my day! :)

And finally, here's what I can look forward for the weekend:

CGs --> AR Bernard's service (Yea!) --> Reunion dinner with my TJC badminton team! --> Off to JB for half a day to evaluate SOT students for mission trip --> Business Breakthrough Dinner!

Exciting!!! Have a great weekend!!!

22 more days....

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