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Monday, August 06, 2007


I was in the same lift as them... for 6 secs! Whoa! Yes, and I say it again... I was in the same lift as my favorite Christian boyband for 6 secs! 6 persons in that rather small lift! Them and ME! They looked rather tired... and I understand... Having to get out of bed early in the morning after a long 1st night here... for an FOP breakfast meeting... When I asked them how was their night's rest.... only the chubby keyboardist answered me. HAHA!

They are really gooooood! I know many others also adore them. But i like them cos they are good with the crowd (Martin Smith is realli good at building excitement! It's like you are singing and singing and something like a happy/energetic joy bubble is growing inside you... within you... AND THEN he will get us to jump jump jump and release all that energy from within...! Wow!!! Good exercise for me too...Heehee)

Ps Phil preached a great simple message on the last night too. MAKING ROOM FOR GOD.... The way he showed us about how Mary made room for God (and it showed) was revelational! Got to make room for God and CONNECT with Him.

So dear friend, I pray yesterday's message spoke to you. Don't lose heart. Your faith is greatly needed to revive your situation. Connect with the One who will take the impossible and make it possible. We will do our best and roll that stone away together... God will do the rest! I believe that!!! :))

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