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Monday, August 13, 2007

Business Breakthrough Dinner 2007

Welcome to 2007 BBD dinner! This year, we are @ table 90...
Serving you the little foods on big plates ---->

Roti with Gu You (Bread & Butter) ... This year got cheese bread... Ummm, YUM!

I forgot to take the picture of the appetizer. It was 3 pieces of meats, sizes smaller than my palm or even thumb!

Here's Mo Gu Tang (Mushroom soup)

Come open your mouth and drink some fungus soup.... ARhhhh....

Here's Tomato Sauce Chicken...

Then, Dr. AR Bernard spoke at 8:30PM for about an hour.... on chasing donkeys! This new phrase "Chasing donkeys" came from 1 Samuel, where Saul chased his father's donkeys. In the meantime, God was planning a destiny for him. Saul uncovered his great destiny of becoming king, in the midst of chasing his donkeys... He reached the intersection, a place called opportunity.

Dr. AR Bernard also shared stories of a few individuals who made IT, while chasing their donkeys. I was particularly impacted when he said, 'Completely optimistic and positive individuals don't see problems, they see opportunities.' WOW.

Although it was only an hour's message, but it was just enough to get us geared up for our everyday. donkey-chasing life! HAHA!

So here's the desert.... My favorite for the day....

Banana choco cake!

(NOTE: All the above foods prepared by the Ritz Carlton kitchen, have much higher-class and longer-sounding names which I've forgotten.... This explains why you see the ordinary names instead... )

Here's photo-taking time!

Lian, me and Minghui

The gals on table 90 - Wilma, Del, Shing, Kailin, Lian, me and Minghui
(So dark right??? I tell u.. it's the photographer! Edmund Tan Suan Yee!!!)

My department! - Evan, Gracy, Wen, Me and San!

Me & GRacy

And back to my table...

Happy ET family!

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