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Saturday, June 09, 2007


There was 2 GREAT news on Sunday:

  • Richard got saved!!! :) It's so good to see someone's life touched and so radically changed... More God!

  • Ps D says '1 week off for all staff!'
I was sooo happy when I got the news from Ps D on Sunday after a great but tiring Emerge .... But in the end.... this week was as busy as ever... Went back to office almost EVERYday. I had to purpose in my heart & be determined to do my facial this week (2 months overdued!), pack up my stuffs a little...

So, here's presenting my collection of earrings, properly packed!

After throwing some old ones away, there's still.... 50! I like! ;)

I managed to get my facial done on Wednesday finally... Honestly, the facial does help over the years. Especially since getting married next year... I must be disciplined to visit my beautician once a month. Must!

Also had family dinner on Wednesday at an organic restaurant... So healthy but really quite nice!

Mine - Codfish in japanese curry sauce

Jas & Dan's - Terriyaki chicken

And when we got home, guess what?? Daniel baked a cheese cake with choco coated strawberries for his sistas!!! Thanks bro, u're the best! (=

Steamboat CG on Friday!

See Joel with his bleached crown... The members were super rowdy when they played games!

Whose seductive leg is this?? Michael Tan!!!

It's great to have new friends integrating in the CGs. Adds new life, new motivation... It's really like the story of the widow in 1 Kings. As long as we keep bringing in the vessels, the wine will keep on flowing. Let's keep on bringing in the vessels E99 & W351!!! Let's keep our fire burning for Jesus even after Emerge guys!

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