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Friday, June 22, 2007

Happy Birthday Boss, Queen & Nicole!!!

Just finished doing some work... Bushed... This weekend will be a mad one -

1. Rush salary (cos ST going overseas on Monday)

2. CGs

3. Envelopes

4. Tuition

5. Got to pack my stuffs to prepare for the renovation of my current house that will begin this Wed!

6. Got to think of designs for my new house so we can meet our 1st interior designer this Monday!

Well, it has got to be 1 thing at a time.... ! "His grace is (more than) sufficient for me!

Anyway, want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! to the leaders of my life and the ever-cute Nicole! We (or rather Lucas) did a talk show for the couple and presented the gifts in various forms... Heehee... And Nicole had a Bday party in Suntec nursery on Tuesday! Here are some snapshots!

Nicole can't wait to blow her candle...

...And Kean (The kid on the extreme right... yes the one who looked like he is 'running away' in the pic on the left! HAHA!)... promptly blew Nicole's candles after the Bday song was sung! Orrhhh... Well, it's not only Kean who thinks it is his Bday today! Look also at how Denise posed for all the photos... Heehee... :)

Elmo could not make it to NiCole's Bday he got Cookie Monster to come instead.... NiCole's stomach was OK with that!... Yummie!

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