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Saturday, June 02, 2007


What are they queuing for?? Hello Kitty? GSS? No.. it's something GREATER, something more WORTHWHILE, something ETERNAL... EMERGE 2007!!!!!

My members... as they await destiny in making...

Foreign delegates from Taiwan, China, HK, Macau, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, Philippines & India coming to register for a life-changing experience. I told u, it's worth it!

1++min more to 1st live telecast of our service to 1 billion people acrosee the globe, on Christian TV! So exciting...! Hi Bev! Did u see US??
Let's see wat's happening @ Hall 7...
Hall of fame... U can see Raymond Ong's happy face there cos he was winner of 'B' boys 100m & 200m last year! Well done Ray, &... U did it again this year!

Jeans, T-shirt & shoes design competition (NEW!)... U think the display is nice? Done by Val! And my fav piece is.....

I like the gold studs and white motiffs on the jeans... I like it!

Shoes, glorious shoes... Look at the different parts of the mask at the shoelaces.... So cool!

Back to service @ Hall 8...

We had special guest TANK! Also Feiya & Ah Qing from F.I.R., Liu Geng Hong, Vivi Wang, Darren Tan & Diya (Proj SS)... Who's up next tml??

But really it's more than these Superstars.... It's really about the Superstars of superstars, King of Kings, Lord of lords... JESUS CHRIST!


It's Ps Derek Dunn vs Ps Wayne from Taiwan! Singapore vs Taiwan. Come come place yr bets right now....
See Ps D looks soooo macho & he's of cos oozing with confidence....
And of cos, he EMERGED!

Yes, it's Jesus we're living for.... Shamgar, Gideon etc.... God can use 1 person like YOU tomake a difference!
We want to be the trumpet blowers of the last days! God if u can use anyone, pls use us!!!

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