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Saturday, June 16, 2007

12th storey!

Monday was dee day... The day we see where Queue No. 43 can bring us to for the next 5+ years of Jared's and my life.

The whole morning, we were checking which units of our Blk 181 were being selected. Even though many good units 'disappeared' one by one... but I was sure God has kept a great unit, a potential haven for us. Esp, the evening before, we stood at the foot of our block praying and claiming our 'inheritance'.

Then the time came at 3pm at HDB. Guess what, we managed to get a high floor! 12th storey! PTL, God is so good! Can't wait for 3 months' time, where we will get our keys!


This week was also dee week of our ISO audit. Felt grilled and BBQed as San & I were the constant companions as well as the auditees of our self-proclaimed VERY STRICT, and 'C' auditor. But all our hard work was worth is as we renewed our certification for the church for the 4th year running!

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