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Saturday, May 05, 2007

WE GOT OUR NEW FLAT!!! J+J @ Bedok North Road

And yes, may I repeat it again..... Jared & I got our new flat upon our 1st application! How blessed can we get?? Eugene smsed him this afternoon to say that he got rejected for the 3rd time round... But we got it our FIRST time! Thank You God! YOU are really really good to us! :)))

I remembered when we first applied for the flat in March, my CG was discussing which bus to take to the NEW cg location! I was telling them off... Nothing's confirmed! But now on hindsight, their words created my world! Well, the Bible did say the faith of your friends matter to God, and to your miracle! Thank You Jesus once again!!!

So anyone wants to makan at Blk 85 market, pls feel free to chio me. I am just about 200 steps away!

Can't wait to do the renovations and more so, can't wait to buy furniture! Bed, TV, fridge, washing machine, stove, lights, cabinets, sofa, tables, iron, & more... & more cute stuffs!

Hmm... Jared allowed me to choose only THREE colors. I can deco any part of the house except for his property- the toilet. Hee hee.... Not a bad deal... Well, I really am thinking about black, white & red colors for the house. And plants.... Arh! Niceeeeee.... But then again, I dun really have green fingers, so MAYBE I will settle for artificial ones. But do you know that plants (real ones of coz!) can help to improve the air quality indoors?

I passed by Harvey Norman @ Millenia 3 days ago... and secretly snapped some pics of their display bedrooms... So nice. Each with a different colored theme. I did not manage to snap my fav. bedroom because there was this fierce looking security looking at me by the time I came to it. As you may guess, my fav. bedroom colors were... black, white & red!

Pretty in pink... Jared would disagree GREATLY.

Gold, green and some pink overtones... rich feel...

Red, pink and brown... grand feel...

Blue, green, white... modern city feel....

The deco outside my fav bedroom... So cool! I like!

Well, thinking of moving over to the new place would be a headache, yet perhaps quite a fun time. Have to move my tons of clothes, shoes & earrings over. Cannot imagine.

Anyway, was cleaning my shoes last night. Thought it was quite fun to count all the shoes I have currently... Jared please put on your seat belt. This collection is like I said, CURRENT, dated 3.54.07... I hope you give me room to grow... Heehee!

(1) Dark brown platforms - Mondo (2) Flower print canvas shoes - unbranded

(3) Pink wooden heels - BATA (4) White flatties with ornaments - Charles & Keith

(5) White platforms with flowers - unbranded (6) Crystal studded dark brown platforms - NOVO

(7) Pink ballet flats - NOVO (8) Funky green platforms - NOVO

Bugis st. partners (9) Funky gold foldable open toe shoe (10) White slippers with flower printed soles

(11) Silverish open toe shoes - unbranded (12) Golden platforms - Clarks

(13) Pointed heels - Pretty Fit (14) Indian jewelled slip ons - Handmade?

(15) Black & gold rounded toe - ?? (16) Brown wooden platforms - Aldo

(17) Pink slip ons - VNC (18) Dark brown, straw platforms - ??

(9) Camel-colored HIGH platforms - from Israel! (20) Black strappy heels - NOVO

(21) See through funkey orange sports shoes - from Israel! (22) Black high heels - Tinkerbell

(23) Black pointed heels - Charles & Keith (24) Silver with orange tint sports shoes - NIKE

And... my 25th pair from Marie Claire. I like it for the arty design at it's sides!

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