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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

May Day

Had been busy the last few days... doing the envelopes thingy, doing household chores(!), May Day, attending wedding & wedding fairs....

Well, Saturday was great because Jared & I attending our much awaited Hotel Grand Plaza wedding fair! And, coincidentally, we met his primary sch best friend who happened to be my JC 1st 3 months' badminton team mate - Eugene.

We signed the package, had a tour of the rooms, had high tea (goodness, some couples really ate with a vengence!), watched a fashion show & stayed for the (not)lucky draw...

Here are the rooms we saw:


Living room... Full length windows- my favorite

Dining room

Look at it! It's DOUBLE storey with a spiral stairway! We were wondering...FOR WHAT?! Play Hide & Seek? Get our families over for chalet?? Zone evangelistic meeting?


Walk-in wardrobe.... And again... FOR WHAT?! Unless I am going to stay for over a week!



I quite like the look in the room. Dark colors with green plants and contemporary oriental designs.
The design they created on the bed.... makes the bed look... DIRTY! Would you sleep in a pile of dying, rotting rose petals??

I like the dark color marble tiling in the toilet... So high class...
And of course, I saved the best for last...the room we are getting...


Living room.... In dee romantic mood...

Side table deco... I love the look of the strawberries & heart shape formed by rose petals!

And the best of the bestest in this room.... an outdoor...


"It's you, you who have won our hearts... taken me into your arms..." HAHA! No need to even think & consider, we'll have this room please!!!

Well, here's another spa, in the hotel...exclusively for women...

So...wah! But honestly, I am not really into spas.... Can't stand doing nothing for an hour plus... It's the busy Singaporean syndrome. Heehee...

Anyway, we also got a cute teddy bear couple for FREE for signing the package on that day. Well, see if you can spot them in our deco on our actual wedding day!

Congrats! It's amazing to see Eunice, Val's best friend since Sec 1, finally getting married. She did an outdoor wedding, the 1st one ever @ SMU... After the Holy Mat, there was a sit down buffet luncheon at the field. It was quite nice except that it was drizzling and the field was muddy. Lavish Catering did a good job of serving piping hot food on the spot! Quite an English feel... But I guess we would not do this... Too humid and warm!

Like what Ps AZ said during the wedding, it felt like a celebrity wedding. Cameras were all on the couple when they recited their vows. Well, free publicity for the Uni ... And Eunice invited her ex-colleagues from Channel News Asia... So they had to bring their cameras along i guess. Plus+, their secondary school classmate cum netball team mate- FIONA XIE was there with her family.

Here's some photos of the deco...ideas for my wedding deco IC!

Flower stand by the aisle, and chair deco. Quite like the green & cream comby.... Looks good for an outdoor wedding!
Lunch table
6A.M. @ Changi Airport on 30th April 2007...

Sun is BACK! The staff and her fans were there to welcome her back...finally after 9 months!
Her fans welcomed her back by singing 1 of her songs... Well, tears started welling up in my eyes. Sun must be the most obedient, courageous woman of God around man...
Sun looking so good even though it's 6am and after a flight!

All of us EXCEPT for SUN, has 6am written all over our faces! ;p
Dayan! Looking rather tired... Don't you think he looks more & more like his mum? In fact, he looks like a South Korean star baby!

Good friend Ethan Dunn to his rescue! The latter gave Dayan a friend friend hug to welcome him back to Singapore! Soooo.... sweet!

Well, May Day Family Day was a success! Besides the free handphone for CGLs, (who wants a red Nokia 5200 in exchange for the Sony Ericcson W200i??), it's also so good to see Sun performing... And reunited with her family esp with PK! Watch out for her English dance album out the end of this year!

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