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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Wedding preps

This morning... Read 2 Samuel 3. 1st verse of the day struck me... "... But David grew stronger and stronger , and the house of Saul grew weaker and weaker."

Whoever depends, relies, trust in God... gets stronger.
Whoever depends, relies, trust in self... gets weaker.
So, what are you waiting for? Choose God.

Well, if you do not know me... or if you - Godma are reading this (Yikes!!!), Jared proposed on the 16th Feb 2007. Our tentative date for the wedding would be 18th May 2008. Today, 2 months later, I feel like I am prepared (don't talk about the $$ factor la) to get married in the next few months already!

My hubby-to-be must be 1 of the BEST wedding planner man... Within these 2 months, we've

  • Decided on the bridal studio - Thomson Weddings
  • Decided on the hotel - Grand Plaza Park Royal
  • Decided on our wedding coordinator - Charles Kwek... Dee most 'C' and probably 1 of the most on the ball CGL in ET zone (Of course, only Jared Lim can beat him la... Heehee... Anyway he's quite a good lobang king as well)
  • Decided on honeymoon destination - Italy & Greece (Dun envy me! Buahaha!)
  • Balloted for a flat in Bedok... Gan cheong... waiting for results to be out sometime in May.. Pray for us!
  • Planned our finances... down to the angpows to give to helpers! So... pls start writing resume to us...
  • Planned our guest list
  • For me... I've started saving already!

I am soooo proud of myself to have already saved $200 each month since.... last month... HAHA... But it's the BF periods you know?! I think it's really my salary increment tat came at the right time! After BF, I think I can really save much more! I shalt TRY to save ... $600? $800? $1000??

For all you who want to be VERY disciplined to save, and not spend... I highly recommend the e$aver account with Standard Chartered as it helps your $$$ work harder while keeping it liquid (See details

I personally like this VERY much because ...

1. Interest rate is higher than other savings accounts' rates... 1.8%p.a vs 0.25% 2. NO lock-in period. 3. NO monthly fees. 4. NO minimum deposit. 5. NO minimum balance. 6. NO fixed term. 7. NO statements to file. 8. NO ATM cards, passbooks or cheque books ... = No spending! ((:

I am also going to earn extra income each month! Yea! More savings!

Well, it's honestly really exciting to prepare for the next stage of my life together with my loved one...! (: Can't wait....!

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