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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

SOT 2007

I really regretted staying up so late the night before SOT orientation! I had to wake up at 7am to reach JW at 845am!!! It feels soooo familiar... like 3 years ago!

Well, so happy to see yet another batch of excited SOT students... This time, the intake is DOUBLE the norm! 400++ students... 20 teams with about 20+ members in each team! And it was absolutely GREAT to know that my 3 WZ friends - Chen Bin, Sheng Ge & XX (Forgot his name!) are HERE! In SOT!!! When I left WZ, I never thot I would see these people again! So, to my WZ friends: "Jiayou for these 4.5 months! Triple portion of the anointing!"

I was helping out in the Captain Ball's station @ Simei. Yippee! Free ride back from JW to the East! (: Me, Jeremy Choy, Lixia & Eden were the station masters. We helped out in JW for the beginning part of the games then this was what happened after that... (Here begins my pa bang (hit mossie) afternoon):

130PM Reached Jeremy's house in Bedok fr JW to pick the props
2PM Reached East Point
215PM Went to coffeeshop to eat! (Finally... I was V hungry the WHOLE morning)
330PM Went to Starbucks to lim kopi... after we realised that the students are still v v far off from our station
345PM Juslin our IT wizard came to fellowship wif us... & of course, we managed to get her to join us for the games

430PM The 1st team... from DD zone(!!! Adults leh!!!) FINALLY arrived!

Here are some pictures...

See who's tat stylo looking brother in the middle? ... None other than our very own... Welton Seah

What in the world are these people doing??? Don't worry... they are just freezing (trying very hard) while doing a sports pose... For ONE minute in a crowded area! Worth it... for the TEN bonus points!

Are they getting ready for war? Noooo... they lost the war instead... so have to draw their faces! HAHA!

Exciting captain's ball in action ... Victory!!!

So here's wishing all of you SOT students the best for these short but power-packed 4.5 months!!!

Then it's off for Bible study & a mini-celebration for GLADWIN'S BIRTHDAY!

(Can you see his Big Bird cake? HeeHee)

Happy birthday to one of my most evangelistic, servant-hearted member! May you grow exponentially in Him this coming year!

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