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Monday, April 16, 2007


Once again it's someone's birthday in our dept! Presenting SANDRA TAN!

San is someone who really went through thick & thin with me in these 3 years working in CHC. Thanks San for all the GREAT! memories...

  • ISO-ing & AGM-ing through the nightS (last year we ear-ringged thro the night as well... Not very profitable... but very fun shopping for materials, coming up with new designs, setting up the stall selling!)
  • Went through all the gan cheong periods & scoldings together... :p
  • You survived my constant whinings... very patiently! You actually listened!
  • I also enjoyed sharing all the happy stuffs with you! (So it's not all bad to sit beside me... Hee...)
  • For helping me... help me edit my emails/word docs (I tell u, San is POWER at formatting. You know who to ring whenever you need to submit presentable presentations!), teach me Excel shortcuts (your very useful 'vlookup' HAHA), give me ideas... You are dee best!
  • Though there are times we feel like strangling each other (HAHA*!!!), I also must confess, you are a really good pal!

So here's wishing you, the best yet in 2007... Also... when are you having kids arh??

Also, as usual our dept went for dept bday celebration dinner! Grace was really helping us think where to eat... on her day of fasting. I think the fast gave her more delicious ideas! So finally we decided upon....

Changing Appetite @ Marina Square
Overall Rating: 8/10
The food was really good! Portions were big enough and tasty!

Forgot to take pictures of the food... But managed to remember to take at least the desert for you!

Before & After (Noticed the one bite left ... hai... so Singaporean!)
This desert is called Nutty Vampire Mudpie!!! Yummie?!
Rating: 6/10 ... Nothing compared to the mudpie from COFFEE CLUB!!! I thought the ice cream here tasted like Walls'!
Here are a few pictures of the beauties in my dept!
Wendy Goh ... The most C person in my dept! HAHA!
From left: Grace Tan & Evan Sim

(I wonder what Evan was looking at... Sale?? Good food? $$? OR..handsome guy??!!)

3 beautiful ladies... & a mudpie...

Yeah my turn! Me & San!!!

Birthday is incomplete without... PRESENT!

Espirit & SKIN tops! Whee Wheet!

Anyway, we gals had a crazy, laughing good time @ the restaurant! After that we tried to shop for formal clothes. Our office dress code is smart casual for such a long time, that our wardrobe had MINIMAL formal clothes! Evan even suggested we all dress in full WHITE! Evan, you think you Benny Hinn's god-daughter isit??! HAHAHAHA!!!

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