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Monday, April 09, 2007

Great Easter!

Easter may be 1 of the busiest season of a CGL's life... BUT it's also the most fulfilling...

1.To see the story of Jesus re-enacted,

2. To hear Ps's great preaching/altar call

3. To see the members working hard together for the harvest,

4. To see people getting saved,

5. To PRAY, give BS, do follow ups & vistations AKA about our Father's business...

Here's some...

Praise Reports (*Clapps*)

E99 has 37 frens & 11 decisions!

W351 has 38 frens & 2 decisions!

Well done ALL! Special mention MUST go to top evangelists - E99 - Sara Abraham & W351 Toh Yiu loong, both with 9 friends each! Also, a BIG BIG applause for Tan Chun Kiat E99... for attending EVERY service in order to book seats for the members! Taking into account his health condition...+ he came earlier than everyone to book seats. CK, I M SOOOOO PROUD OF YOU! (:

Well, we know Easter was a time Jesus gave His life & blood to save the world... So Saturday, I too went about my yearly routine of giving my blood to save a life... Many people say I look kinda underweight recently...probably wun be able to contribute even a pack of blood for the bank... BUT wahla! I filled 1 pack in about 10+ mins!!! No fainting... No nauseous feeling... I M STRONG!

Look at the blood flowing ooh so smoothly... OUT of my hand!

Well, this year I had NEW company... 3 1st timers... (I was eying their newbie sticker... David suggested getting a whole page of stickers from the staff there... can use for many years to come... Good idea David... But it stopped at being an idea... Well, u see dee Sticker entitles you to 1st class treatment from blood donation nurses & staff...)

Newbie #1: Wilson Wu

I requested to sit beside him! So that I can laugh at him!!! .. No la... Truth is, I need to whine to someone.. After abt 4-6 yrs of donating blood... i m still scared! Wilson... Helpp!!!

Note: See the way he clasp his hand over his heart -> Fear & trembling... But he quite cool la... Still can smile like dat!

Newbie #2: Arnold

He's not even from our church!.. I kept asking Wilson... Can he donate? He looks like he needs the blood for himself...

Newbie #3: Alfred Leow

See... he looks so sheepish... He is the worst amongst us 3 la. On our way to Joo Chiat CC, on the MRT @ EVERY stop, he will ask Wilson either want to alight for b'fast OR turn back... Hai... Jialat.... Where's the MANhood huh Alfred??

At the carnival @ Hall 7...

Double vision?? No prob, get yr spectacles from our sponsor - Spectacle Hut's booth here!

(Tash + Nicole, Louisa + Lousiana)

My CG members quite power at fellowship... They automode kind... Quoting from 1, "If fellowship is the main criteria for membership promotion, I would be OM by now!"

After food, they auto gathered together, formed one nice circle to play some game I cannot understand... I just know it's some noisy noise game... *tititi* *lalala* *kingkongkingkong*??

After the carnival...

DINNER with Dear @ HK cafe @ Siglap!!!

He ordered Polo Bun (It's not as simple as it sounds... It comes with a THICK slab of BUTTER)... * shake head* Just LOOK at it....

Then... my food came....


My Kaya toast with condensed milk... Lagi more sinful than the polo bun!!! Jared burst out laughing.... and I wonder why....

Sigh...wat to do?? Just... eat then go jogging tomorrow morning!

(Rating: 3.5/5 - a bit gelard after you finish half of it)

The other stuffs that went into my stomach... (I think donating blood makes one hungrier... U think?)

Pan-fried dumplings (Rating: 4/5 - Not bad... but not the best I've eaten...)

Macau coffee served ala prison style (Rating: 3/5 - Too sweet though it was just thick enough)

3 flavor ice-kachang!!! (Rating: 4.5/5 - Jerb's recommendation! Yummie!)

After dinner, we started stoning... Really tired...

BUT... tomorrow, or rather tonight, we are going to CHIONG Easter retention! Come Holy Spirit.... ANOINT us to do our Father's business!!!

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