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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Favorite mornings

I really feel so happy once again to take the humble MRT to work this morning. Taking cab has been such a norm that my body alarm clock wakes me up later & later... So everytime I wake up earlier to take the 'below $5' route, I feel so accomplished!

I love coming into the office each morning especially with my new breakfast item! I was never a breakfast person... Unless you consider fruits & a cuppa breakfast... But nowadays, I seemed to be 'addicted' to... Tou hua! It's sold just downstairs... @ Jolly Bean... Today I tried the Barley flavor. The auntie will add soy bean milk and barley grains into the Tou Hua. Nice, but kinda filling... so I guess I will stick to my Original Tou Hua next time....

I also enjoy coming to work by MRT because I get to do some reading along the way. Some days it would be the newspapers, some days it would be the Bible, and a rare few days, it would be like today, a good book!

I am currently reading the 4th Dimension from Ps Yonggi Cho. I really like his books. His style is simple, sincere and strong. Reading his books make me want to pray even more!

On the way, I read chapter ONE about PPP (Power Packed Prayer)... Incubation: A Law of FAITH

  • Pray very SPECIFICALLY

  • Have a BURNING desire as you pray

  • Pray till you have the assurance/SUBSTANCE

  • SPEAK the Word


BTW, Jared & I also agreed that if Nicole is 'aware' enough, she will be our cute little flower girl next year! So, this year I will be her personal catwalk trainer. If I cannot groom her in time, we have even thought of dangling an enormous OREO cookie at the altar so she can walk down the aisle in one nice straight line... quickly! HAHA!

Nicole is so cute. Do you know she walks with a little twist in her butt! HAHA! Well, here are some pics I took of her in the Nursery today... and BTW again, she knows I am Auntie Jerb now! Yeah! (She calls me 'Zerb!' :) And of course, I don't mind!)

My favorite babe-in-a-basket

My favorite babe trying to hug HER favorite babe - Christian Zulkarnain! Children nowadays... Hai.... *Shake head*.....

A reluctant couple??!

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