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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Culinary disaster

This morning, I woke up, NOT because of my alarm clock, BUT because my brother was telling me something. When I first awoke, i smelt a really gasy cum burnt smell........ Yikes! I fell asleep while waiting for my ABC soup to boil at 130AM last night!!!

Man, all the chicken parts, potatoes, soy beans that I chopped into my soup became BLACK CHARCOAL overnight! Unbelievable!

Val said the remnants in the blackened pot reminded her of the Tsunami victims... Duh...
Jas said the food smelt soooo nice, it stuck to her even when she went to sch... And yes, she DID shower before she go to school...
Dan said when he woke up, he thought "Did I eat BBQ food last night???" He tasted chao tar BBQ in his mouth! HAHA!!!

My house stank... even my towel in my bathroom upstairs smelt of gas... Cham Cham.... What a culinary disaster!

To think I was even sleeping in the living and I did not wake up at the smell of the gas! Maybe I don't inhale much air when I sleep? Maybe I am a real DEEP sleep sleeping beauty! Heehee....

No wonder Jared say he has to buy fire and life insurance after we get married.... Sigh.... Well... maybe we should just hire a maid...

Anyway, I was not discouraged! I threw the pot away, bought & sprayed LOTS of air freshner, & reboiled the ABC soup & cooked lunch for the family! Yeah! Looks good??

Steamed egg with minced pork
Sitr-fried oyster sauce brocolli with Shitake mushroom

ABC soup.... a bowl a day keeps your health a-OK!
Chilli padi!

Do you know I can't eat food without chilli? I especially love these small red stuffs! I decided to buy a pack so I can chop 2 for each meal I eat @ home... Yums!
Do you also know that it was reported that chilli increases your metabolism rate??? Ya, go try some!

Anyway, really like cooking... except that I am sometimes too busy/lazy to cook.... I should try to go get some more 'complicated' recipes! Yea!

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