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Monday, April 16, 2007

Benny Hinn 2007

Welcome to Benny Hinn 2007 hosted by our church!

The crowds came! Hundreds were rejected... I thank God I sat on the floor!

Many sick came... I saw numbers on wheelchair, a lady with a disfigured face (gas exploded in her face), people with tumors & cancers coming in on stretcher, a baby boy whose waist was twisted...
The choir... Gals in royal blue, the guys in white... Notice how they form the "cross"....
The very spontaneous, well-trained choir in action... They did a fabulous job! CHC is so proud of you guys & gals!
It's been 2 years since Ps Benny Hinn came... Honestly, I only remembered long services of "Hallelujah" singing... & of course the healings... But....

But this year I felt the services were somehow a little different. Somehow felt that Ps Benny was more relaxed this time... He was more funny, more compassionate... He kept talking about friendship with us! Ps Kong, our church & of cos our 800-strong choir somehow won the heart of Ps Benny. He told us we can have him ANYTIME in Singapore! Indonesia June 2008, Malaysia next 12 months, Ch*** next 24 months, India soon, BUT Singapore ANYTIME! Whoa!
The last 2 nights were especially tremendous...

Fri - Signs & wonders
Sat - Moving mightily in the Holy Spirit... People were falling & flying under the strong power of God!!!
Sun - So many things that touched my heart....

Testimonies from the Ch*** people
When I saw them crying for revival, with tears in their eyes... and 1 lady testified how she had to illegally buy a satellite dish to watch Ps Benny on JC network ... Even Ps Benny teared! He told the congregation, it's so easy for us here to accept salvation... But in Ch***, following Jesus requires a price they got to pay...

The Saudi Arabian nurse
A Malaysian man who was healed of his heart problem was brought to this conference by his wife who is a nurse who worked and converted from a Hindu to a Christian in ...SAUDI ARABIA! (Can see Ps Benny has soft spots for the closed up countries) This lady took leave from work, went back to M'sia just to pick her husband up for this conference. Her husband used to laugh at her for being a Christian... Who knows things might had been worse?... Anyway, the man was really blessed to have a wife as virtuous and as full of faith as her. Jesus said, "Your faith has made you well..."
The Sri Lankan old lady
This lady came all the way from Sri Lanka to believe God for her healing of her leg that got injured in a motor accident. She testified about how she watches Ps Benny on TV 3 times a day and faithfully takes down notes. 1st 2 nights she came, NOTHING happened.. She still needed her walking aid. But she was not bitter, or disappointed. On the 3rd day tonight, she DECIDED... She got to have her healing... So... She left her walking aid at home! And according to her faith, she was indeed healed! PTL!
Of course, we also saw Ps Benny moved strong in the Holy Spirit. 1 prayer, 1 flicker of his finger, and the whole crowd of hundreds he was praying for, fell... The choir had DOUBLE portion of the anointing... They fell again and again... Cried and laughed... Wow...
1 thing he said that really striked my heart was when he said, "$$, house, material possessions, recognition... I don't need all these garbage... I just need the anointing... You can have the rest!"
Wow... Holy Spirit... I too want more of You. This conference made me see how close Ps Benny was with You... The way he honored You, revered You, respected You more than Man... and the way he was so sensitive to flow with You... Holy Spirit I pray, I too learn to walk a closer & intimate walk with You... AMEN!

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