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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Happy 27th birthday!

Happy 27th birthday Jerb! I m in my LATE 20s now! *Faint* But it must be one of the most fruitful birthdays I had in terms of receiving greetings & presents!

TO: All the GENEROUS gift givers...

My dearest: For your love, yr 2 designer tops (I really think your taste has greatly improved!) & $120 dinner @ Scarlet Hotel!!!

(Desigual blouses.... 2nd & 3rd pics are the front & back...!)

My dearest....siblings: For your $100 SKIN voucher & lovely birthday card. You guyz make me laugh & cry at the same time....

BET & SJH: For your Levi's mini-skirt & family luv....

My subzone: For your t-shirt & funky BIG belt!

ET leaders: For the bright pink tunic & long necklace...can use for Easter intercession! HAHA!

E99: For your $200 Singtel vouchers!

W351: For your necklace & $100 Singtel vouchers!

(How in the world did you guys know I have this hate-hate relationship with my Nokia 6070??)

Suting, Steph & Sandy: For your shockprise @ midnight & your $100 MANGO vouchers!

(More shopping!)

Glad, WQ, Catson, Alfred: For your surprise @ midnight, {Esp Catson for tearing yr pants whilst trying to cross the road in the quickest way (over the fence!) to join the others to spring the surprise, Alfred for going bk home just to collect my ice-cream cake} & a SKIN (Miss Me) black top!

(So blessed...My sec 4 teens buying me SKIN! See... I am not wrong to say u guys are RICH! Glad, yr taste...erh... surprising not bad ya? (; )

(Front & Back)

My dept colleagues: For another SKIN (Miss Me) tunic... You gals are fabulous!

My pre-Leadership class people: For ANOTHER SKIN funky grey top! Full of holes...funkyzzzz!

My ex-E99: SKIN vouchers (I haven't opened!)

Joe, Em & Ber: For the lovely studded NOVO platforms.

Cheong & ET: For your generous giving! Hee...

Shing: Sun's album all the way from Taiwan! (:

SKIN, Mango, Singtel vouchers + $50 notes from various!

In all so far, I've also eaten 8 birthday cakes... Fattening man....


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