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Monday, April 17, 2006

Tao 陶

Hmm... Today wanted to catch a movie @ Cathay with Dear and Muny... But, we missed the timing... ended up eating @ a restuarant in Selegie introduced by Muny. Tao's the name. Hmmm! Ma-ma-mia! What a superb dining experience! It had a straight 7-course it or not. No choice but for 5 of it's 7 course, you have about 3-6 choices to choose from. Total cost is $28.60 (after the pluses). Apart from the cost(!), the entire fusion dining experiece was the best I've experienced! The waiter patiently explained all the foods and even recommended the 好料 to us! He did not do it in a way that was stiff or prim and proper, going "monsieur... let moi explan...". He was humorous and VERY honest! Here goes my food....

#1. Starters: Bacon & mushroom gratin and free flow of toasted grandpa's thick toast
The gratin was a small shallow dish's serving. It was really cheezy and tasty. The toast was crispy and buttery on the surface and the rest of the part was soft man! Well done...esp when the 2 are eaten together!

#2. Side dish 1: Fruit salad
Thou shalt not be deceived by the simple name. It was a potent combination! Diced crab meat atop the fruit salad. The delicious fruit salad was a delightful combination of green and red apple cubes, cucumber, sweet corn, peaches. Yum.

#3. Side dish 2: Grilled mushroom
Are u sure?? It doesn't look like one... and it doesn't taste like one. What more can I say?....

#4. Soup: Sharksfin melon and herbal soup
Deli-lumcious! Tasty...! And I actually tasted strips of ginseng! Some chicken pieces.... So niceeeeeeee!

#5. Main entree: Sambal stingray
This one, go Newton better!

#6. Drink: Iced grapefruit tea
Refreshing, cool, rejuvenating...sweetened!

#7. Dessert: Creme Brulee
Cream custard under a thin layer of slightly burnt sugar piece.... Must I say more??

Conclusion: ****

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