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Monday, March 06, 2006

God's answer to a prayer ... :)))

To my dearest dear...

Dear, just want to say I LOVE U VERY MUCH. Thank u for...

1. Being understanding whenever I am not.
2. Compromising toward me.
3. Being so gan cheong whenever I feel sad/angry... u make me feel loved & important.
4. Rushing down/ cancelling appointments to be with me when I am down.
5. Fetching me home to the doorstep even in the late of the nights... U r amazing!
6. Calling me everyday :) Love to hear yr voice.
7. Educating me with interesting facts, GK, daily news, trivia etc. U r my walking encyclopedia!
8. All my happy moments with u... I enjoy every happie little squibbles, the walks in supermarkets & such ... U make me happie when I am wif u ... ;)
9. Holding my hand. I feel loved with u by my side.
10. Even when I share my weaknesses/mistakes with u, u never made me feel condemned. Thank u for feeling for me and comforting me. Your presence n encouraging words brings healing...... I can move on better and now I know, there's 1 more person (besides God & Val) who can accept me for who I am. God answers prayers...

I prayed that God will give me a bf that will be godly, spiritual, who will love me for who I am... who will always be loving, caring...And together we will serve God in a greater way, complementing each other... Amen!

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